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Pistol Boys

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PostSubject: The1Wizard   The1Wizard EmptySat 17 Feb - 3:41

i have talked to that guy and he seems to be friendly and open for suggestions

maybe we should invite him to join us
what do you think Question
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The1Wizard Empty
PostSubject: Re: The1Wizard   The1Wizard EmptySat 17 Feb - 11:43

* Start Up Lab
* -14% growth (-2)
* +0% science (+0)
* +4% culture (+1)
* +4% production (+1)
* +0% speed (+0)
* +0% attack (+0)
* -16% defense (-1)

Stats to be eaten!... I don't think it's a good idea to recruit a farmer more. We need a fighter!

So it's no for me! What do you think the others?
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